Visa request in case of death in family
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Documents Required for Emergency Entry Visa :
  1. Death certificate/ doctor's note confirming death
  2. Previously held Indian Passport Copy OR Surrender Certificate OR Applicant's Parents Indian Passport Copies along with Applicant's Birth Certificate
  3. Proof of residence in USA (Driver's License / State ID / Utility Bill)
  4. Additional documents for Minor Applicants : Applicant's Passport Copy,Parent's Passport Copies,Applicant's Birth Certificate,Parent's Marriage Certificate

Above documents are mandatory to receive an approval. Upload either in one pdf file or upto 4 attachments.


E-visa is directly handle by authority in India, Consulate has no role in E-visa. For more details please visit this website:
If you would like to apply for Regular Visa (which is handled by consulate), Please apply through VFS website :